Eliminating subminimum wage – HB 1706

EHB 1706 passed the House yesterday in a vote of 81-17.  We have many concerns regarding this bill and now after one of our contributors received a response from Representative Noel Frame regarding the number of people who had special certificates, we are more concerned about the lack of information she and other legislators may have regarding the Special Certificates, sub-minimum wage, supported integrated employment and people with disabilities in general.


Representative Noel Frame

Below is the conversation from Noel Frame’s Facebook site. Clearly Representative Frame does not understand that there are over 4000 people in the DDA integrated supported employment program that are employed and make less than minimum wage.

It appears that Representative Noel Frame thought the only people earning less than minimum wage were those in sheltered workshops (which are no longer in Washington State anyhow) and totally missed that there are many in our integrated community sites that do not earn minimum wage or maybe do not earn any wage.

Felak and Frame Facebook posts from Noel Frame site


DDA caseload and cost report

Cheryl Felak also wrote:

While I understand that you, Noel Frame, were introduced to this issue by your constituent, Shaun Bickley, who is a very hard worker and activist, Bickley is misinformed on some of the information – partly because he blocks people who have a difference of opinion or ask questions for clarification – He blocked me over a year ago so any comments he may post, I will not be able to see.

It appears to not only me but many other advocates that Bickley has a vendetta against parents and allies who do not 100% agree with his position. Given that the MAJORITY of people in DDA continue to live with their families and depend on their families for housing, transportation and other activities of daily living, it is critical that we also listen to families, caregivers and other natural supports in this discussion. Without these people involved who do their best to ensure their family member with IID is integrated in the community people who want to make policies and laws regarding support are missing a huge part by ignoring these very critical partners.  They are a huge part of the discussion. Ridiculing them and stating they are speaking out of fear is a bias that is uncalled for.

As an aside to this – the issue of many, many people with IID being dumped in hospitals for months, chemically and physically restrained because their group homes have refused to care for them any longer is reality for many families now. Families tried to speak up about this in the past but were ridiculed. Families know the reality and they need to be listened to and be a real part of the conversation too.

It will be interesting to see what type of response we receive.  It would would have been best to have been part of the discussion from the beginning rather than mopping up a mess.

One comment on “Eliminating subminimum wage – HB 1706

  1. Carolyn Guinotte says:

    Thank you Cheryl, for mentioning h our biggest problem right now, DDA clients being dumped and left for many months in hospitals due to outsourced agencies who’s only goal is to make money bit actually care for these disabled people, forcing out the ones that are troublesome and/or have too many violent tendencies. Finding work is only part of the bigger picture. A job would be nice and frankly either regards to my son getting a volunteer job is probably going to be easier than k e that earns him any money. But right now getting him full support that his CV or waiver states he needs is our biggest issue right now.
    I dont trust any agency offering you SL at this to time. I have net workers from PlaceOne and Kokua and the horror stories are many. Even the idea of a SOLA home leaves me cold. As for Fircrest etc…that’s another story. And now with Rainier having to shut down PAT A due to non compliance and lidingvits medicade funding my son is getting pushed further and further down the list of getting anywhere to live.
    Too many problems and Shaun should be advocating for those stuck in this position, not getting involved with work and wages. He is lucky that hes as high ginctionk g as he is. Others, like my son arent so fortunate. He’s not representing all folk who are like my son. Just himself and others like him. Shameful.


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