Kevin is trapped!

Many have been following the issues of those with IDD who have been dropped off and abandoned by their group homes into the hospitals.  This is not a new issue but one that has finally been acknowledged as happening.  We need a solution  – NOW

Recently, Keven, our 26 year old friend has been “on hold” in the Emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham, WA.  I sent an online complaint to the Washington DD Ombudsman and maybe the more complaints they receive, the better the chance at a positive solution – not only for Kevin but for others.

Here is the information that I submitted on my complaint – feel free to submit your own complaint regarding the issues that are happening. DD Ombuds complaint submitted May 6 2019

Today, Kevin’s mom informed me of the following information she received:

Kevin’s situation…

This afternoon after visiting Kevin at St. Joseph Hospital, I was told that if he attempts to leave the unit (SECU).

.. they will let him leave the hospital and 911 will be called.

When is this nightmare going end??



3 comments on “Kevin is trapped!

  1. Carolyn Guinotte says:

    Talk to NW Justice. That’s what I dud. My don was stuck at St Peter’s fir 4 months. He started destroying his room so was put on involuntary detainment. That set things in motion to have him place at one if several places…he ended up at Western State at the HMH unit and will be there for a few months with hopes to get him into a SOLA home soon. The DDA will also send out packets to supported living agencies hoping one will pick him up for support services. It will take time…its a huge mess. Talk to your Senator, we have. It might help. But NWJustice are good to give a call and also of course the DDOmbuds.
    Good luck

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  2. Marcia Alspaugh says:

    Thanks Carolyn;
    I believe St. Joseph Hospital is trying to make a statement to DDA and is using my son as their punch line.


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