DRW raising funds – please give details

I received an email today from David Carlson by way of Disability Rights Washington.

The letter comes on the heels of another report they just published regarding the issues at Rainier School – a state-operated residential habilitation center (RHC).


Rainier School Walkway


Stand with DRW. Let’s work together to stop abuse. Make a donation today.Washington must invest in smarter and safer supports for people with disabilities.

DRW fund raising for abuse


It is a well-known fact that DRW is against any type of congregate care – regardless if it’s a person’s choice or not and personally I would question what the real motive is behind this fundraising campaign.  What are the goals and for what purpose?  The plea is quite vague.

Is this a general donation to DRW or are the funds going to be earmarked for more community supports, training and caregiving staff to provide more appropriate care to those at Rainier?

I have asked these questions to DRW but I have not received an answer.  Since they block me from participating on their social media pages I have little hope of the question actually being heard and less of it being answered.  Maybe someone else would have better luck.

Please let me know if you find out any information on this fundraising campaign.

2 comments on “DRW raising funds – please give details

  1. Carolyn Guinotte says:

    This is worrisome as I have spoken to a caregiver at WSH who is taking care of my son and she speaks highly of how Rainier and Fircrest is run. Like you said, we need th o know where the money is going. Neither p.k lace us ideal but it’s all we have together with thecSOLA p
    program to keep the state a countable for th he fare of our most vulnerable.


    • I would really like to read the Westcare Report that DRW refers to – it appears that the issues addressed in this report are really with administrative issues, poor communication and lack of using the full team for assessment and collaboration.

      As a parent of a young man who had previously lived in an RHC, I agree with the assessment of the administration not being held accountable and refusing to communicate with and acknowledge that the parent is also part of the care team.

      I think that attitude goes back many years when people did send their loved ones to live in the RHC and were not involved in their lives to the extent that many are today. My belief is that it is difficult for the adminsitration to realize that the parent/legal guardian needs to be involved in all team planning and assessments. I really do think that it is the very rare situation these days that a person is admitted to an RHC and their family then ignores that person leaving all decision up to the administration. I could be wrong but that is the impression that I have had from the people I have had contact with.


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