Coalition for Community Choice

Voices Uniting

Coalition for Community Choice (CCC) is a national grassroots collaboration of persons with disabilities, their families and friends, disability rights advocates, professionals, educators, housing and services providers to advance the principle that community can be experienced in all residential settings.  CCC was created to:

1.) promote and defend the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism to choose their residential settings from the broadest range of options;

2.) educate federal and state governments on innovative Olmstead compliant housing alternatives to “one size fits all” approaches; and

3.) preserve access to essential, publicly funded services and supports in these settings.
Because We Care – Beyond Inclusion is a founding member of the Coalition for Community Choice.

Two of our projects we are working on are:

1.) mobility park at Fircrest, a residential, campus setting which is also an intermediate care facility (ICF) and respite provider

2.) develop community support to re-open the Fircrest Pool and Activities Building – a great community asset for everyone.

Please see the website

CCC – Voices Uniting for Community  Choice

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