Community Cost of Care Reports

Below are many reports with data retrieved from certified copies of cost reports, IRS 990 Tax returns and documents I requested through public disclosure.  All have references noted.

2010 Care Costs Based on Support Needs of Clients

2011 Cost of Care Graphs

2011 Non-Profit IRS 990 Data – Profits, CEO Wages, Percent of expenses to program, and more

Cost of Care by Support Needs, nursing and some medical care included

2010 cost of care as reported by each agency, DSHS payments, Profit and Loss

DD EMIS Data for Home and Community Based Service Waivers

2010 IRS 990 forms for Supported LIving, High Earner compensation, profits/losses

Supported Living Agencies, Residents and Automobiles

2009 and 2010 Enforcement letters for medications and medical treatment from Residential Care Services to homes licensed to care for people with Developmental disabilities

2009 and 2010 Enforcement letters for Safety and Environment from Residential Care Services to Homes licensed to care for people with Developmental Disabilities

Citations related to care and abuse of residents from April 15, 2010 through December 2011

Citation chart from Residential Care Services to homes licensed to care for people with developmental disabilities

Cost Comparison for RHC and Community Residences for Clients with Similar Support Care Needs – taken from 2010 and 2011 data reports

Do We Accept Negligence as the Standard of Care?

Staff Turnover Rate from DDD Survey 6/2009 through 6/2010

Percent Staff Turnover rate by length of employment – DDD Survey 6/2009 through 6/2010

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  1. Dr Al Pfadt says:

    I have shared this link with some colleagues who share the same values and mission.
    How can I become more involved with your organization.


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