Healthcare Equity for those with IDD

This page will be dedicated to issues of medical and nursing neglect which have occurred with my son at the state operated intermediate care facility (Fircrest Residential Habilitation Center) in Washington State.

If these issues have occurred with my son and I have fully communicated my concerns with the administration and my concerns have been denied, I have great fear for all the residents at this facility.

What is extremely upsetting to me is that all of the issues of neglect that I have communicated to administration could have been alleviated if the “team” was collaborative and actually thought that I,  mother, guardian and nurse, was part of the team and my observations and concerns were just as real as any of theirs.

The words and actions of the ICF/IDD team did not match.  In words, I was part of the team but in actions I was invisible – or only important at the end of the decision making process to be informed of what had already been decided.  That is not what I consider part of the team or collaboration.  This greatly decreased the quality of life for my son when they refused to collaborate.


We need to ensure that healthcare professionals are involved in the surveys and investigations that are done in the healthcare facilities – particularly when allegations of healthcare neglect are reported.