Artistry With A Heart

Artistry with a Heart –


There’s a new Art Gallery in town which supports and displays the artwork of several of our local artists.  I visited the gallery today and was extremely impressed with the art work on display.


I met one of the mothers who was just leaving to deliver a painting of her son’s which had just been sold.  The elation that she felt and also which she conveyed her son would experience was truly inspirational.  


Here is some information on the Gallery taken from their Facebook page.  I urge you to make a visit to this gallery and experience the joy expressed by these amazing artists.


“In July 2011, Artistry With A Heart created an Art Gallery to feature works of art by individuals on the autism spectrum. Artists of all ages and styles contribute their work, and over 40 pieces now hang in our ground floor store front that makes up the gallery. We welcome all individuals on the autism spectrum to submit their works of art to us for the possibility of being displayed at Artistry With A Heart, An inclusive Art Center. A sampling of those pieces will also be added to the Online Art Gallery. Artists who submit their work can do so by e-mail through our CONTACT US page. The art can be anything including finger paintings, abstracts, photography, sculpture, and self-portraits. Let the creative juice flow! For more information contact us through out web site.”