The Arc of King County

Once again there appears to be censorship, shunning and dismissal of the concerns of some advocates. We have had discussions regarding these issues previously. In light of or our current budget crises and the attempts to serve the most people with fewer dollars, I would think that it would be critical to listen to those who might have innovative and constructive ideas.  What is happening though is shutting down any discussions that do not parallel the “mission” of The Arc.

I have raised several questions which continued to go ignored and unanswered.  The newest issue is that my comments will not be posted on The Blog from The Arc of King County.  Even though my comments are from the perspective of an advocate for a child with profound disabilities, which according to your mission, you support, I am not allowed to question or share concerns.

What is interesting about this is that The Arc of the United States posts my comments and appreciates the ability to discuss issues.  They, also, state they follow the mission, but are not hiding behind it afraid to confront tough issues.  Does The Arc of King County not share this same philosophy?

I can also tell you that I have uncovered so many flaws, false representations regarding costs and acuities, quality assurance problems that are being covered up and sugar coated by DSHS, DDC and many of the prominent advocacy groups.  I find this deception so irresponsible on their part and am outraged at this.  These agencies are reporting to our legislators and public these inaccuracies as fact and any questions to their validity is ignored and banished from discussion.

I would like to think that particularly, now, in this horrible crisis, that it would be time to break down these walls and listen to the people who advocate for those who can not speak and be their own advocates.  There are so many viable options that are not even heard due to this line in the sand propagated by those who are supposed to be advocating for them.  Instead, these groups are advocating for the demise of a system and community that has saved lives.

Not only will the process that is being promoted by DSHS, DDC and The Arc, destroy a system that can work (needs some tweaks for sure) but in the process will also hurt ALL people with disabilities due to the agenda that is being followed without question.  This is what I, personally, find so despicable about disability advocacy by those who run the monopoly.