“Idiocy and Advocacy”


I didn’t make this up but it’s how I feel lately – see the link to The New York Times (http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/22/idiocy-and-advocacy/?ref=opinion&nl=opinion&emc=tya1)

I’m really not surprised by the most recent “mistake” that was made by DSHS.  After reading through many Washington State Auditor reports which also outlined gross mismanagement of DSHS and millions of dollars lost due to that mismanagement, this newest fiasco falls right into line with the history of the department.


I have been trying to get answers to questions for almost 9 months now regarding reports that were written and “Fact Sheets” that were published based on inaccurate data and information.  I have written to the authors of the reports and many administrators and researchers within Developmental Disabilities and DSHS.  Not one of these people has responded to the questions I have regarding the inaccurate data that has been published.  Data which our legislators and public believe is true and data upon which some disastrous decisions have been made. 


Why won’t anyone within the department look at the questions that I’m asking?  The only response I have received is that they are “too busy” to answer me.  Conveniently “too busy” I assume since an answer would have to acknowledge a mistake had been made. 


It’s time to come to grips with reality, realize mistakes have been made and correct them.  The longer they are in denial, the worse the situation will get and it can’t get much worse.