Essential Care Needs

Essential Care Needs Nonprofit – a new concept that can help address the growing crisis that will only get more acute over time.

The crisis is only getting worse and rather than trying to work within a system that was developed almost 40 years ago, we must look at our population and circumstances now and in the future with new alternatives to meet the needs of our community members.

It has become even more clear in times of COVID there are Essential Care Needs that need to be addressed and funded – for the benefit of our whole community.

Supported Living Agencies, many that are already non-profits, and other advocacy groups should address the issues of development of the Essential Care Needs Nonprofit.

Now is the time!

Start video at 12:00 for information regarding Essential Care Nonprofits
ECNs would be a new form of nonprofit entity serving the essential care needs of the rapidly growing population of indigent adults unable to care for themselves.
ECNs would be a new form of nonprofit entity serving the essential care needs of the rapidly growing population of indigent adults unable to care for themselves.

Apart from the genetic toxicology of autism, my other passion is finding ways to reform federal policy to unleash capacity in supports, services and housing for the burgeoning population of adults disabled by autism.

One idea is creation of a new form of federal nonprofit entity, the “Essential Care Nonprofit” or ECN.

ECNs would be a new form of nonprofit entity carved out for special federal tax (and other) treatment because they provide basic daily-care needs to the most severely disabled. The lack of these agencies and programs across our country is appalling and inexcusable. The need is growing rapidly, especially in the realm of adult autism, where the population is expected to grow 5-fold (at least) over the next 20 years.

Two links sharing the basic concept of the ECN:


For more information visit:

National Council on Severe Autism –

Together for Choice –

Kevin – 34 days trapped, restrained, drugged and traumatized in a hospital

Why is traumatizing an autistic man allowed to happen?

How is Kevin going to heal from this abuse?

drug addiction

Kevin’s 33rd day in a hospital room. (Now it’s 34 days as of Feb 13, 2019)

The last 4 days Kevin has become increasingly desperate. The nursing staff at the Medical Care Unit where he is are such a great group of professionals. They have tried to keep him occupied, even taking him on wheel chair rides around the floor, but each day that passes he grows more restless. Kevin is a 5 year old (6’2” tall) that wants to go back to his safe/familiar room, surrounded by his things. He also wants to go for hikes, to the store, the movie theater, and the library. Now he is hitting himself in the stomach and legs with such force that his legs and abdomen are completely covered with purple and black bruises. This is the only way that he can deal with this overwhelming stress. He is limping because he hurt his left leg during the self-injuring actions that now are happening continuously throughout the day. Yesterday he became increasingly anxious with each passing hour, pleading for his “Bellingham house”. He began to scream, hit his room door and window and security was called. Kevin hit his RN and one of the security guard during the incident when they attempted to keep him safe in his room. Throughout the day he was heavily medicated with no success. At night, he managed to escape from his room and run downstairs to the hospital lobby and then outside where he was wrestled by security until Bellingham police arrived.
After he was guided back to his room by the police he was finally medicated with an IM injection of B52 (Benadryl/Haldol/Lorazepam). He has been asleep since then, in a way I feel this is better for him to stop his mental anguish and physical self-inflicted pain.

This situation is a disgrace, my child deserves better from our system. He will severely injure hospital staff or will be gravely injured by medication administration and/or being restrained.

Please contact legislator:
Sharon Showmake at 360 7867854
Luann Van Werner at 360 7867980
Doug Erickson at 360 7867682

Plead for my son to be able to go to a respite bed where he can have physical activity outside of his room, He is unable to comprehend what or why this is happening to him. He needs a less restrictive environment where he can feel free and safe.
please feel free to share!

Marcia Alspaugh