Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is out of compliance with Federal Regulations

According to the US DD Act , the state Developmental Disabilities Council membership must include at least ONE immediate relative or guardian of an individual with a developmental  disability who resides or previously resided in an institution or shall be an individual with a developmental disability who resides or previously resided in in an institution.   This is quite clear.

Washington State does not have a representative and I cannot find out when our state’s Developmental Disability Council had such a representative.  I have tried communication with Ed Holen, Executive Director of the DDC regarding this for over one year.  He cannot tell me who this person is.  Last year he told me it was a person who had already retired from the council and she was only a temporary and was not an immediate relative.  Since that time Mr. Holen has not answered emails or has evaded the question.  How hard would it be for him to give me the name of the person who holds this position?  All the names of the council members are public and are appointed by the Governor.

Now Mr, Holen wants to waste our taxpayers money and waste time by driving from Olympia to Seattle to meet with me to discuss this.  He will not communicate via email for such a simple request.

I am particularly disturbed by this lack of adherence to Federal Law due to the extreme bias against the population which needs the services and supports of the institutions.  Without representation at the table which is making policy decisions, how are these people’s voices going to be heard.

These actions (and lack of actions) on the part of the Developmental Disabilities Council is discrimination against our most vulnerable.  When will this end?