“UNSEEN” – We are being failed

If the unethical lack of services and supports for our children in Washington State has taken a toll on you and your family, you might be interested in this powerful film about how we are being failed—and why it matters.  The film has not been released yet but 3 sneak-peek zoom-based screenings are being held in September!  Registration is now open and required as space is limited.  

Thursday         Sept 15            10am – 12

Friday              Sept 16            6pm – 8

Saturday          Sept 17            10am – 12

To register for one of the zoom-based 3 screenings (which include a moderated parent panel following the screening), please see the flier or visit:https://www.clallammosaic.org/Unseen

After registration, you will receive a link to join the screening.

The isolation, lack of vital services and supports, and uncertainty about the future means the role of caregiver overpowers nearly every other facet of life. Video diaries from diverse caregivers featured in the film illustrate this universality and the often unseen and hidden difficult realities. The film also features interviews with mental health experts and policy/legal advocates, which help provide a broader view on the societal impacts. You will hear brutally honest, unfiltered, compelling human stories. The film Unseen cultivates compassion and tangible support for the caregivers in our communities—and offers the hope that things can change if we are SEEN. This means coming out of the shadows, not being afraid to share difficult realities, joining forces to change hearts and minds, and continue with persistent and effective advocacy until the services and supports become a reality. 

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are not the burden; it is the lack of support that is the burden.

You can also view a short preview the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kykQIaTMnoM&t=1s

Unseen Documentary: A powerful film about how we are failing parents–and why it matters. 

Please spread the word to others you think might appreciate attending a screening of this film.