We need to provide choices – not restrictions

Please view the video which highlights the need for choices and options in our efforts to provide services and appropriate care and homes for those who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This is one example of many that need to be options allowed and promoted.



Homecoming Royalty!

Thomas was chosen by the student body at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline to be part of the Homecoming Royal Court this year.   He is certainly far from being isolated and restricted –

he has flourished from being allowed to grow and learn in the environment which is the least restrictive for him.

When RHC residents move to a community setting, many will need an increase in direct support staff due to the more restrictive environment for them, which will also increase the cost of care.

Moving my son and many others with similar needs from the RHC to a community setting is far from “doing the right thing” and will actually bring restrictions and harm.   “Doing the right  thing” means adhering to the US DD Act and the US Supreme Court Decision Olmstead

not evicting people from their homes because you don’t like where they live. 

Please continue to allow our loved ones to thrive

in the environment which is the least restrictive

 for them!