Fircrest Playground Project

We are developing a playground to suit the needs of our community members with developmental disabilities.  The equipment is and will be chose to fit the physical and sensory needs of our residents.  You will find climbing, sliding, bouncing, jumping, spinning and music making activities  – all for a multi-sensory experience.  The playground is aimed at increasing social and community ties in addition to giving our residents and community members an opportunity for physical exercise which is developmentally appropriate for their skills, abilities, interests and attention.

Please spread the word!


New Playground for People with Developmental Disabilities

In these times of bad news with the budget – there is a bright spot.

A new playground especially for people with developmental disabilities is being designed.  This week I will be unveiling a design to build from and be seeking sponsors for this innovative project.

I’m so excited to be working on my dream project – I can’t wait to see this playground being utilized by both young and old – people who have been unable to play on a real playground for years.