The Arc National Convention

This year The Arc is having their national convention close to my home and I will be able to attend.  I am hoping to learn much and network with many to help support a continuum of care service model.  I realize I will be in the minority but my hope is to spread the word about supportive communities and the benefits these communities provide to not only the residents but our society as a whole.

Unfortunately, the cost of registration is way beyond my budget and I have only registered for one day and the research luncheon.  This alone is $200.00.  My hope is to have some help from others – every dollar helps – no donation is too small – to bring the registration fee into a more manageable zone.

If you would like to help with my cause to donate to my registration fee, you can go to this link and donate there.  Every donation is so much appreciated!

Donation Page at Go Fund Me for The Arc National Convention in Bellevue, WA

Somebody from The Arc, please explain this to me!

I’m very curious as to why a Disability Advocacy Group would oppose this legislation.  Could someone from The Arc please explain the position as to why the agency opposes this?


From what I read, this legislation upholds the civil rights and choices of the individual – isn’t that what we want?


I’m extremely confused by the opposition to H.R. 2032



(This notice is from The Arc – I do not endorse this nor do many who fight for the civil rights of our citizens with disabilities)


Civil Rights

Bill Name

Number of Sponsors


H.R. 2032 – To protect the interests of each resident of intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded in class action lawsuits by federally-funded entities involving such residents and in Department of Justice actions that could result in an agreement to move such a resident from that resident’s facility. 31 (15 R, 16 D) We OPPOSE this legislation